Saturday, October 4, 2014

When clothes are reduced to categories, disconnect for me begins. In analysing catwalk trends there is a danger of sorting, explaining and reducing what is seen. And while my livestream seat is excellent, the filtering of sensory experience through a screen is a kind of mimesis. A glorious portal, but a reality once-removed, perhaps contributing to my disconnect. Even if I was there, chances are I'd be a back seat viewer, which makes me wonder which I would prefer, to see the clothes or to see the show?

The tension between the two is an evolving conversation and I'd recommend Angelo Flaccavento and Alexander Fury for further reading.

As humans we desire newness. From the fashion industry, we demand it. So the pursuit begins, ending for many with the catwalks. That is why I find myself filtering inspiration to be produced and then sold. It is a business first. Last week, I got lost ticking trend boxes, making connections between products, assimilating ideas. I forgot why I chose this.

It's never going to be just about the clothes. For some that is their love. For me, it's about humanity. It is our creativity, expression and practicality. Clothes are important because someone has created it and someone wears it. As simple and complex as that. 

I'm interested to read this book looking at these questions:

Gary Hume | Older, 2002
Osma Harvilahti | Laundry, Kenya, 2013
Hiro (Yasuhiro Wakabayashi) | Black evening dress in flight, NY, 1963
Osma Harvilahti | Pool, Dioulasso, 2014


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