Future Sailors

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Deep space and oceanic depths hold dark oases of mystery, launching our next frontier communities and creative endeavours. Seasteading creates independent, self-ruling floating cities; the preparation to colonise Mars is underway. And back on earth, time has shattered from linear chronology to an amalgamation of moments and references.

Fascination with the past and the future is nothing new. We travel in and out of time, collecting references as we go. It's just that at each moment we stand at the furtherest point out into the unknown, accumulating more and more time behind us, accumulating more historical data from which to draw from. While some seek out new frontiers, we all live on the precipice of time.

See Raf Simon's collection for Christian Dior Fall Couture 2014 for an excellent example of blurring chronologies and the creation of new forms from the past and imagined future.

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