Sunday, June 15, 2014

To splice is to join or to insert, altering the current structure to form a new combination. It can disrupt a previously seamless whole to become something fragmented and abstracted. The new seams cannot be hidden even with the smoothest join. But rather than scar the new formation, surely it is preferable for it to become part of the new, like smile lines worn through the decades. Lines that are worn, not hidden.

Some great resources that imagine how our current structures of society may look when spliced with new ideas:
Viewpoint magazine, the article-based cousin to Textile View. My favourite.
NewPhilosopher magazine
And of course, anything by Lidewij Edelkoort or The Future Laboratory.

Coat Tails | Lina Zhang by Marcus Ohlsson for Marie Claire, June 2012
The second image I could only track down as far as tumblr (where many good images go to live uncredited) but here it is on pinterest. If you know the credits, please let me know and so I can update. Thanks!


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