Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Graffiti gives us a public form of declaration. Literally meaning scratched, from the Italian graffiato, it etches its design into the surface providing a state of permanence. Perhaps this permanence counterbalances the temporariness of life. We want to declare our existence, our love and our loyalties.

But it seems like it is no longer enough to say I woz here. Now we seek out witnesses by asking follow@me. Pseudonym tags like hipster slayer and alien wizard are sharing wall space with follow@jacinta312. Declarations are no longer cloaked in mystery for only some to understand, they are seeking a connection. Maybe the permanence offered through etching your existence on a wall is no longer enough. What is a declaration if there is no response?

Jess Gold by Nicole Bentley | Her Story, Marie Claire Australia, July 2014


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