A study of movement

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Movement can only be suggested in an image, yet by remaining static allows the viewer to to be in control of the possibilities. We see the gestural brushstrokes, evidence of physicality, or the consequence of natural forces, and then that image becomes whatever we imagine. The artist hands over the possibility of movement to the viewer.

Daria Werbowy By Daniel Jackson | The Face Of Beauty Now:  For Harper's Bazaar February 2014
Michael SchlegelStreaming through Black Sand II - Iceland, 2011
Doris Salcedo | Shibboleth, Turbine Hall, Tate, 2007
Seon Ghi Bahk | Water Plate
Photograph | Bloom #14
Amy Judd | Beautifully Obscure
Kate McGwire | Flail, 2013
Mariacarla Boscono by Peter Lindbergh | Vogue Italia, January 2014
RUVEN AFANADOR | Exhibition: Mil BesosEstudio de Baile Alicia Marquez, Outside of Sevilla, Spain, 2007
Pierre Soulages | Painting
Li Xiao Xing by Johan Sandberg | Rodeo Magazine, October 2013
James Booth | Spotlight Taken at London Zoo, July 22, 2013, via Flickr
Karl Martens | Bird
Zelir | Black Orchid, via DeviantArt
Raegan Bird | The Rush of Melting Igloos, March 27, 2011, via Flickr
Whitney Ott | Photography, Food: Dark


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