A Study in Texture

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A study in texture becomes a study in contrasts; soft, linear folds enveloped by nubbly tufts, the cool drape of one encased by the coarse warmness of the other. Or is the pile plush rather than coarse? Either way, a contrast of texture within the same palette allows the eye to freely explore differences and gain relief without the competing factor of colour.

Vanessa Jackman | Street Shot
Bradley Walker Tomlin | No.8, 1952
Chad Wys | Arrangement in Skintones 8, 2011
Michel Blazy | Bouquet Final Installation, via Afflante
Satsuki Shibuya | Photo
Rick Poon for Cereal Magazine | Griffith Observatory, LA
Dimitris Lantzounis | Shipwreck @ Zante, Aug 12, 2012


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