A Study in Shape

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A line is an unbroken stretch upon which the eye can travel. Travel straight and there is a sense of definition and completion, while arch lines seem softer, mimicking natural forms and undulations. Repetition stimulates and soothes through pattern recognition.

Fan Ho | Approaching shadow, Hong Kong Yesterday, 1954
Michael Kenna or on Artsy | Conical Hedges, Versailles, France, 1988
William Keck | Reflection and Mirroring, 1939
Catherine Wales | Project DNA 
Angela Lindvall by Karl Lagerfeld | Chanel Fall, 1999
Izis Bidermanas | Lagny, 1959 
Gwen Los by Michael Sanders | It's a breeze, Marie Claire, UK, January 2014
Marlene Dietrich by Milton H Greene | Photo 1952


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